Arbor Lanes

November 23, 2017 7:26 am




Located at the eastern portion of Arca South, Arbor Lanes is a condo in Taguig that wonderfully harmonizes nature with aesthetic architecture in a vast development peppered with commercial buildings to its north, residential communities to the west and with its main entrance located to the east. Arca South, where Arbor Lanes is located, is a highly networked central business and lifestyle district that has excellently synchronized intelligent networks with organic systems for everyday life.

In this regard, condo owners can expect their homes to be rejuvenated by soothing moments wherein the ambiance is perpetually basking in lush verdure. This condo in Taguig welcomes residents to a condominium development that is nestled in exuberant and verdant greenery.


Arbor Lanes capitalizes on embracing leisure settings bathed in life. In this regard, this condo in Taguig wonderfully creates an idyllic and contemporary living space where residents can have it all, with gardens peppered all throughout the property and various shared open spaces, gatherings and everyday pursuits are inspired by a flow of natural energy.


Beyond the paved roads of a modern metropolitan city, Arbor Lanes presents an urban retreat for individuals with perpetually busy lifestyles and schedules. Developed by Ayala Land Premier, this condo in Taguig promises an invigorating living experience emerging from the heart of a city in sync.

Experience a residential life in a progressive metropolis where everything comes together at Arbor Lanes. Come home to a residential space that seamlessly blends work, play and entertainment in this emerging growth center and condo in Taguig. Bask yourself in the infrastructure’s various aesthetics and green spaces. Harmonize business with leisure and make time for your career without neglecting your family. Arbor Lanes welcomes you to an exemplary fusion of city and community living. In Arca South, all of your needs are more than adequately met and your demands for contemporary lifestyles are synchronized and coordinated insomuch that individuals—whether they consist of families or professionals and business can thrive in a balanced and fulfilled community.


Arca South highlights access, efficiency, and variety through intuitively planned environments culmination to a presentation of a vision for a progressive development. In this regard, Arbor Lanes is located in a district that builds natural connectedness throughout with architecture within sightlines, natural lighting, and ventilation with homes. Indeed, Arbor Lanes is a community of spatial cadence that complements development of a human scale. With walkable streets, contemporary design, generous urban gardens and pocket parks complemented with lively retail spaces and entertainment options, Arbor Lanes makes for a premier residential choice in Metro Manila. This condo in Taguig promises residents that they can live a lush and modern lifestyle without compromising sustainability.


Metro Manila, capital of the Philippines, is known to be the center of progress and the city of Taguig sits amidst it all. Taguig is located on the south-eastern side of Metro Manila and is a highly urbanized city. The city found its roots on being a thriving fishing community to how it is recognized now: an important residential, industrial and commercial center. As a result, the population has skyrocketed with each area densely occupied by locals. On record, it is the seventh most populous city in the Philippines with a population well over 800,000 according to a census in the year 2015.

To address the city’s clamor for more residential options, condos all over Taguig have started emerging. Within the city, Arca South can be found—an electrically charged district laced with contemporary lifestyles. Infrastructure is masterfully planned insomuch that only a few townships can beat Arca South in terms of connectivity. More importantly, Arca South comes with Arbor Lanes– a condominium residential development by Ayala Land.

However, while most modern condominium projects capitalize on accessibility and convenience, they tend to neglect natural elements that would cater to a wider myriad of lifestyles. This is not the case in Arbor Lanes as one of its most highlighted features is its abundance of natural elements.


While there are various condos in Taguig as well as a myriad of residential options, none can quite compare to the masterfully-planned project that is Arbor Lanes. It is a condominium development that compromises of homes and spaces that are customized to befit residents and any person who might dream of owning a property there. As Ayala Land already has an exemplary track record for delivery only the best in terms of residential projects and developments, the same can be expected of an Arbor Lanes condo unit. Indeed, the company’s master plan serves as a template against which the community is constructed upon—a true testament to Ayala Land’s commitment to excellence.


Arbor Lanes is located along Nexus Street in the Western Bicutan Barangay. In terms of design, this condo in Taguig wonderfully executes contemporary architectural design as evidenced by the project’s condo units. More importantly, the design aesthetic is coupled with functionality insomuch that units have adequate ventilation. Natural lights play a pivotal factor in ensuring that the units are completely unique in style.


Kids Playground

Arbor Lanes comes equipped with indoor and outdoor spaces where your children are free to frolic and mingle with the kids of your neighbors. The playgrounds are spacious giving kids adequate room to roam around. Furthermore, the kiddie play areas are equipped with the necessary facilities to make playtime more enjoyable. Playground amenities such as slides and swings are only a few of the things kids can enjoy in this playground and can take advantage of.

Kiddie Pool

By nature, children have a natural affinity for swimming pools making a kiddie pool an appropriate addition in a residential township such as Arbor Lanes. The kiddie pool can accommodate a good number of children making it the perfect place for them to make friends with the neighborhood kids. If you so wish, you can opt to bond with your kids by giving them a swimming lesson in this very pool.

Lap Pool

Sports enthusiasts and active individuals will love the lap pool in Arbor Lanes where they are free to do their daily swimming routine with no distraction at all. The pool is wonderfully designed to ensure that swimmers are given enough space to exercise and swim without being interrupted by another swimmer.


Most condominium developments come with their own clubhouses, but what sets Arbor Lanes’ Clubhouse apart is the fact that it is perhaps the grandest recreation site in the township. In fact, it is where most of the activities are held as it has a game room where you can interact with neighbors and friends over a game of pool. As this condo in Taguig is such as massive community, it would be quite impossible not to socialize so living in isolation is next to impossible.

Fitness Center

Health buffs and fitness enthusiasts will find that it is so much easier to stick to their daily fitness routines with the development’s very own fitness center. Arbor Lanes has a gym that is fully equipped which would enable individuals to support an active lifestyle. In this regard, residents can do their daily grind without having to travel far.

Other Amenities and Facilities

*Pool shower and locker rooms

*Main vehicular drop-off

*Pool deck

*Landscaped Gardens

*Minimized afternoon sun and resulting heat

*Maximized breezeways

*Garden views

*Almost sixty percent parks and open spaces

*Garden terrace

*Landscaped amenity spines





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