The Veranda

November 23, 2017 7:33 am


Rising as Alveo Land’s prime community in Arca South, The Veranda is a mid-rise, low-density condominium located within the private portion of the district. As a four-tower residential condominium development, this enclave is perfect for urban dwellers who are seeking a low-density community.

Spread within The Veranda are intimate-scaled amenities and lush greens for relaxation and recreation. An atrium and a central landscaped garden bring natural light and ventilation throughout the development. Diverse lifestyle retail rows at the ground floor complete the picture of a one-of-a-kind residential condominium living that will be your quiet and refreshing retreat from the chaos of the urban jungle.

Through its four-tower masterplan, Alveo Land continues to challenge the limits to innovation as it introduces the latest technology in condominium development—the Aeroflux System. From the Latin words AERO (air), FLUX (fluidity), and LUX (light), the Aeroflux System revolutionizes living in the metro as it creates breathable and naturally illuminated spaces by maximizing air circulation and natural light dispersion.

Fresh air enters residential units through exterior windows and exits through the windows facing the hallway. Operable windows using the center pivot system double the amount of air coming in and out, allowing for adequate air passage. Window size accommodates pressure gradients enabling favorable wind via cross ventilation within units.

Additional notches throughout The Veranda also allows for better ventilation, creating a difference in air pressure within the atriums. This encourages cool air circulation as warm air is pushed toward the atrium roof and out through the exhaust and louvers.

Aside from maximizing the potential for natural ventilation, The Veranda’s Aeroflux System also allows sunlight to permeate the building through the atrium cap and the additional window and glass box treatment of residential unit doors.

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