SyncRUNize app test wits, strength of Adventurers

SyncRUNize app test wits, strength of Adventurers

It had all the right elements to make things run.

This was what the SyncRUNize event has proven when it saw participants around the metro attending for what could be the most exciting and interesting running event in the country today.

Organized and hosted by leading property developer Ayala Land Inc., SyncRUNize saw health buffs and adventurers testing their wits, strength, and capacity through the use of a mobile app that took the sport of running into a highly different and exciting level.

The said mobile app was developed by Gogo Hunt and Guerrilla Race for ALI’s latest City in Sync project, the ARCA South in Taguig City.

“SyncRUNize is a mobile app-integrated adventure run that tested and challenged the physical as well as the mental limits of participants. Held last September 19 at the ARCA South events ground, the event proved to be huge success and gave the participants a really grand time,” Comia said.

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Unlike the usual 5-kilometer runs, SyncRUNize challenged a participant’s physical limits while going through various endurance challenges and mental drills.

During the event, racers were asked to download the exclusive SyncRUNize mobile app. The app directed participants to go from one checkpoint to another where they are expected to accomplish the physical or mental challenge before they would allowed to go on the next level.

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Racers competed as individuals and as teams of four, with the winners bagging P90,000 worth of cash and prizes. At the end of the race, participants celebrated their victory at the Sync City, where they enjoyed the interactive booths and the food market.

“SyncRUNize is the kind of event that embodies the principle behind ARCA South as a City in Sync. The development is envisioned to be the newest business and lifestyle district in Taguig where all the elements that make a city are present and in sync. In addition, the efficient management of the road network, traffic, communications, environment, security and other systems in ARCA South are primary,” said Stephen Comia, Project Development Manager of ARCA South.