How to spot a modern city worth your investment

Michaela Romulo |
Published 6:45 PM, Jun 20, 2014 | Updated 7:02 PM, Jun 20, 2014

Read on for key factors that will help you identify a modern city worth your investment


A CITY IN SYNC. Scale, accessibility, and location are important features to consider when choosing the right city for you. Graphic by Mara Elize Mercado

MANILA, Philippines – As the urban sprawl continues to develop at a rapid pace, the rise of modern cities around the Philippines is giving urbanites many options to consider when looking for a place to live.

Each city has its own unique personality or characteristics. Some are more business-centric while others cater to more lifestyle aspects. When the time comes to consider which city is best for you, it is important to be able to identify certain aspects that tell you a place is worth your investment.

Consider the transformation of areas like Makati in the 60s, Ayala Alabang in the 70s, Bonifacio Global city in the early 2000s and NUVALI in 2009 to how much they have developed today. What unique features attracted residents, businesses, institutions, and retail establishments to build there? Which of those factors are important to you?

While so many factors go into deciding on a place to leave key things to consider before investing are a city’s scale, accessibility, and location.

Diversity and scale

A modern city should be large enough to accommodate a diverse range of establishments ranging from residential communities and work spaces to shops, retail, hospital and recreational spaces – all this in an area large enough to prevent congestion.

Developers like Ayala Land are keeping this in mind with the transformation of the former 74-hectare Food Terminal Inc (FTI) into a mixed-use commercial business and lifestyle district dubbed as ARCA South. This includes a broad range of residential offerings, an array of shopping and dining options, business spaces, a 200 room Seda Hotel, 250 bed QualiMed hospital and green recreational areas.

As high rises and malls continue to pop up everywhere, it is important to strike a balance between concrete and green areas. More outdoor spaces foster a more pedestrianized atmosphere and encourage leisure activities that can be ignored amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.


ACCESSIBILITY. Living an on-the-go lifestyle is much easier when you live in a highly accessible city that is easy to get around in.

Easy Access

With cities being a center for business and commerce a strategically built modern city should be easily accessible. It should be connected to main roads and highways and be easily reached via private and public transportation systems.

With the government’s Skyway, C5 and C6 connection projects underway, ARCA South will be directly accessible from multiple thoroughfares. ARCA South will also be developed adjacent to the Department of Transportation and Communication’s (DOTC) anticipated Integrated Transport System (ITS).

The ITS will be a high quality bus terminal that connects commuters from various provinces to the metro with an estimate of about 500,000 passengers and 6,000 busses a day.

Due to advancements in technology, we live in a world that is getting more and more inter-connected each day. So living in an area that keeps your needs within reach will help you keep up and stay connected.

Location is key

Finally, as with any ideal living space, location is always a big selling point. With the increase in road traffic, it is a big advantage if you live in a centralized location near key areas like business districts, airports, malls, and other major cities.

Only 4.7 km from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, 5 km from Bonifacio Global City, and 7 km from the Makati Central Business District, ARCA South has situated itself in a centralized location that will allow residents, office employees and transients to easily travel north or south of the metro.

As developers continue to build new living spaces for the expanding and growing urban population, these are all key features you must look out for to help you narrow down your choices.

Whether you are a business looking for a new office space, a family looking for the ideal place to raise children, a young professional looking for your first home or a retail or restaurant company looking to open up shop in the latest mall, go through these pointers before you make your investment.

With all these factors in mind you should be able spot your ideal city – a city that enables you to be fully functional and in sync within your community and the cities around you. –