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By Metro Home Magazine


Artist’s perspective of ARCA South: The City in Sync

You spent the best years of your life raising your kids and building your family, but now that they have their own lives to live, you might feel a bit lonely and lost. Seeing your children start their independent lives doesn’t mean yours has to stop. There are still a lot of things in store for you, you just have to know what those are and where to best spend the rest of it.

If you don’t have a clue yet, then this one’s for you. Elizabeth Fontanoza, Education Director of Save the Children organization, shares her top four when it comes to looking for the ideal place to retire.

1. Clean community
Who doesn’t want to live in a place where you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard earned money? This may be something that’s not in your 5-year plan, but you’ll be thanking yourself later for saving up on a home in a pollution-free community. “My ideal place is somewhere where the air is fresh and cool, and there’s a lot of trees,” says Elizabeth.

2. Safe and secured residence and community.
“The family should be secured and safe, and that’s the most important,” tells Elizabeth. Aside from the physical security (i.e. security guards, city wide CCTV cameras), you should also consider if the place you’ll invest to will address your need for good maintenance. It’s going to be the place where you’ll be spending the rest of your life, so you have to be sure everything’s working the way should be.

3. Convenience.
Above all else, things should be easier for you. “Aside from having adequate supply of safe water and electricity, I’d like to have cable and Internet connections as well,” tells Elizabeth.

4. Easy access to basic services and amenities.
Let’s admit it, by the time you retire, your body won’t be as cooperative as it was before. Considering this, it would be nice if you can have easy access to basic services (hospitals, commercial centers, etc.) and other facilities (like parks or gyms) that will not only promote a more active and healthier lifestyle, but will basically make your life easier.

Simply put, what Elizabeth wants is a “community that is accessible enough to basic services.” And where else can we find such a place? The answer is simple – find a residential space within a mixed-use development like Ayala Land’s ARCA South in Taguig City



Artist’s perspective. The hotel and work spaces at ARCA South will be stacked on top of retail shops, providing ease to residents, hotel guests and office employees

There are so many reason why this one-of-a-kind master planned community is a perfect place for you to consider retiring.

There are many choices of condominium units with Arbor Lanes, The Veranda, and Avida Towers One Union Place soon rising, and everything is going to be equipped to make your stay a lifetime of ease. Aside from the basic services such as elevators, friendly and helpful staff, and security services, the estate offers features that are specially planned for future ARCA South residents. Get fast and reliable information through the Digital Information Boards that will be installed throughout the city. Wi-Fi connections will also be available in the common areas.

Ayala Land’s vision for a greener future is also present in ARCA South. Recycling rain water with the use of water impounding systems and organizing Monthly Recyclables Fair are just a few of the environmental initiatives ARCA South will soon have.

There will be no need to go far when you need to have your regular check-ups, QualiMed Hospital will be accessible to ARCA South residents, office employees and visitors.

For the first phase of the lifestyle mall in ARCA South, you will have a 5-level mall complex that will be available at your disposal. It will house about 350 stores of your preferred fashion brands, popular dining destinations and home-grown food concepts, supermarket, and cinemas so you don’t need to go so far, and make life more convenient for you.

Envisioned to be a campus-type of development, ARCA South will provide opportunities for convergence and leisure. This will be perfect for your morning runs or strolls at the park.

Though it is located at the heart of a thriving area, you won’t feel the congested vibe of the metro. The low to mid–rise buildings and the integrated basement parking system prevents traffic chaos. With no vehicles parked at street level, ARCA South will be pedestrian-friendly.

Strategically located near NAIA, Bonifacio Global City, and Makati, this well-connected city will have an intermodal transport terminal and direct connection to Skyway, C-5, and C6 to give you a more convenient way to travel and easier access when your kids and grandchildren will come to visit over the weekends.

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