Why Some Homeowners Association Members are Slacking

If you experience paying liens or fines for breaking homeowners’ policies, then perhaps, you are a member of a Homeowners’ Association (HOA). Generally, the HOA was established by the real estate board of directors (BOD) to raise fund and oversee neighborhood maintenance and to help developers efficiently manage and market their properties.

When you are a part of the HOA, most of the decisions that will be made for the betterment of the community is most likely is in your hands, of course, with the approval of the higher-ups. The success of an HOA is usually based on the members and board members working together as a whole. However, most HOA members, if not all, are not that interested in participating in the association’s affairs since they don’t see any significance of these to their lives.



Why community associations are slacking?


That’s the question, which should be a concern of all members. An association slacks when the majority of its members do not participate in any activities that the association organizes. If the issue is not taken care of, then it will be a problem to the community. It affects the value of the property, decreases the quality of living and creates a disharmonious environment.


Although homeowners who joined the organization can benefit from it, there are also unavoidable circumstances that most owners faced. These attitudes (or the lack of interest, in general) often arise when the HOA members perceive that their interest and concerns will be passed down to any association or to someone else, without a direct solution to the problem on hand.


What HOA members can do?


Vote right


Anyone who wants to move into a housing development ruled by an HOA has to agree to follow the HOA’s policies. And since the HOA is intended for the growth of the community, homeowners have their rights to vote on who wants to be their leaders. As we all know, voting for the right leaders is not that easy as it may seem. If you chose a person who lacks involvement and exhibits indifference towards association leadership, then you cannot expect that this person will perform his or her duties. This is not a sign of a healthy community.


Basically, HOA board members should be proactive and make positive contacts in the community to help get more homeowners involved. However, sometimes, we hear rumors or arguments. There are instances when even members’ approval is required before the BOD addresses a particular issue, this is somewhat by-passed by the BOD members. This only shows that the BOD members uses too much of their authority. The board members should have the authority to keep a harmonious balance. Instead, they are becoming the source of disintegration within the community.


Proper spending


The frustration felt by the homeowners is not just about the flaws of the BOD. Of course, homeowners also have their own flaws which add up the weakness of the organization. Generally, home issues are inevitable. That’s why, all of the members of the HOA should strive hard to address the problems. This will make the HOA more successful.


One of the most obvious and common source of frustration is the funding. Yes, there might be a fair and balanced collection of funds. However, the real question is whether the funds are being spent in the rightful manner. Is the community getting any better physically or not? If not, then the BOD is not doing its job well in terms of spending the funds wisely.


Definitely, the cash flow should be devoted to paying the operational expenses and staff salaries, among others, and accumulating reserves for future maintenance and repair. Nonetheless, the function of the organization will be useless when there is no proper assessment regarding the issue of proper spending. The assessment should involve the members as well, not just the board members.


Clear communication


Technically, to make an association a success, there is a need for a better and clearer communication between the members and the board members. However, there are times when misunderstanding between both parties arises. Communication is considered the heart and soul of any organization and the HOA is not an exemption. Without proper conveying the right messages, there will definitely be a problem later on.


Basically, it is up to the board to inform the homeowners, but it is also up to the homeowners to be informed. It is the responsibility of the homeowners to read all communications and go to HOA board meetings to be aware of the things that is going to happen in the near future. This might include getting informed on the changes in the community, in general, not just within the association.


When one speaks up, it is important to listen to what they have to say since they are speaking on behalf of the majority of the association. Moreover, this requires getting involved, understanding the issues and answering the questions that co-members ask. However, some of the homeowners failed to maintain their presence on the loop. Perhaps, it is because their schedules just don’t match with theirs. It is that or they just don’t care about the things that were discussed during the meeting.


That is one of the reasons why there are some homeowners who don’t understand the rules and regulations that were implemented. They are either not attending meetings or attending meetings but don’t necessarily agree or object on matters being discussed. These are the members who don’t understand anything at all. With that, unfortunately, the HOA fails to achieve the desired outcome of the meeting.


Further, there are homeowners who are content with how the things are going, so they go with the flow. They are comfortable with the status quo, challenging it is not in their scheme of things. This is not a good sign of a growing community as well. If the community is performing well, the bills are paid on time and the collection of fees is smooth and steady, among many others. If the community is poorly performing, changes are needed.


Generally speaking, one of the many and common ways you can get your HOA members involved is through the leadership of the board members. Of course, if the board of directors is slacking, the members will slack, too. This also means that if one disciplined and is doing the things a board member or an HOA member should do, then perhaps, the community will be a thriving community with residents who are living harmoniously.