Various Types of Condominium for Sale in Manila

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What condominium type is the most suitable for me? Well, you have at least four choices whether you are living in Taguig, Makati, Mandaluyong or San Juan. These are:

    • Studio
    • One to three-bedroom
    • Loft
    • Bi-level



Types of condominium for sale in Manila and their differences


Knowing which condominium type is the right one for you is the necessary first step in condo-buying. It is important to know what the differences among these condo types, too.


The amenities and facilities present and graced to the condo unit (and all units for that matter) will inform other decisions such as the total contract price, the living space utilizable and whether the condo of your choice complements your lifestyle or not. Our home requirements differ depending on our lifestyle.


Condo types are divided into two broad categories—flat-level or bi- or multi-level. The flat-level condominium is the direct equivalent of a bungalow wherein the layout accommodates all spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living space, and kitchen and dining areas. Oppositely, the bi- or multi-level condominium is like a two or more storey house.



From the term itself, the flat-level condos have everything on a single floor. There are two types of flat-level condo—studio and one-, two- or three-bedroom.



Studio-type units have an open plan design layout. Hence, the owner will be the one to designate the living and dining/kitchen areas and bedroom. Having the smallest floor area, some condo units can be as tiny as 16 square meters.


One to three-bedroom

Units with specified number of bedrooms have bigger floor area than the studio-type. Nevertheless, the bedrooms and other areas are located on the same floor. These units have distinct floor plans.


Bi- or multi-level

Bi- or multi-level condo units mimic an actual house with varying storeys and structures. Pricier than the flat-level units, there are two main types of a multi-level condominium.



A loft has a high ceiling, which means nonconstricting space available. It also has an elevated bedroom that is accessible by stairs, and it looks over the main living area.



Bi-level units are, again, just like a typical house with a second floor. The common floor design is living and dining areas and bathroom at the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor.



Another type of condo unit is the penthouse located at the topmost floor of the condominium building. It’s the priciest unit and often comes with exclusive amenities such as own swimming pool and private elevator.


With the information presented above, picking the most suitable condo type would be easier. With that, which condo type fits your need?