Top 5 Benefits You Can Get By Investing In A Condo

Most of us, if not all, wonder how it feels like to live and experience living in a Makati condo. I know for sure because been wondering the same thing, too!


Now, you don’t have to worry when you are still planning to buy your own condo since there are already a lot of affordable condo units for sale and or rent.


There will always be an advantage when you invest in a condo where you and your family can enjoy while living an incredibly satisfying lifestyle. No wonder there are already a lot of people who are investing their time and finances in their own condo.


Well, perhaps these people know what the advantages are when they invest in a condo unit and what they should do so that their investment will not go to waste. Maybe, investing in a condo of your own is not just all about having a good and satisfying lifestyle.


When you are planning make such an investment yet you still have doubts whether it is worth it or not, you might consider thinking twice after learning what these advantages are.


Investing in a condo gives you the access to the first-class amenities at very low cost


This is one of the advantages of buying a condominium unit especially in a prime location like Makati. When you are one of the people who own a unit in the building, you get the chance to use and enjoy first-class amenities and facilities at a very low cost. Even though it requires you to pay for the facilities that you got to enjoy, at times, it is still much lower than the amount you would spend in going to other properties just to use their facilities.


When you are one of the condo unit owners, you can access their facilities whenever you feel like having fun and enjoying the day with your families and friends. Whether you want to use the building’s swimming pool, bar, gym, spa and or any other facilities, you have an instant access to use them.


The most enjoyable part? You get to experience the amenities and facilities with your friends, neighbors or those people who you just meet around the place. What a great way to meet new people!


Investing and owning a condo poses minimal utility and maintenance costs


Once you become an owner, the cost of the maintenance of the water supply, the electricity, and other home maintenance will be lesser than the other home properties. You can conserve and save from household maintenance fees since you already have an access to superb amenities and facilities inside the condo building. Of course, when you use your rights to access these privileges, the lesser your need to consume your water and electricity.


And even if you use the facilities inside your condo unit, it will not be that expensive especially if you are living with others who can share the household expenses with you. With that, you can definitely save enough for future maintenance of your home.


As a condo unit owner, however, you should not always be complacent on the expenses in your house despite cutting costs here and there. Condo associations charge a monthly maintenance fee to the owners, but this should be little compared to your usage of the said facilities. Don’t forget that it is your responsibility to pay the maintenance fee.


Investing and living in a condo gives you a security


When you are a kind of person who is concern about how secure the premises are, living in a condo will give you the security that you need. Especially when you live alone, you can request a security camera placed on the condo unit that you’re staying. Most, if not all condos offer lock entries or even security personnel for the residence that wants to have tight and secure surroundings.


And even if you don’t demand on having one around your unit, you will still be secured since there are security personnel around the premises of the condo that are constantly roaming and checking the surroundings. You will also feel secured especially when emergency occurs since you will have a lot of neighbors that you turn to when you need some help.


Investing in a condo yields higher ROI


Basically, condos located in the cities have high resale value. There are people who make money by buying a condo unit from one owner and selling the unit to other buyers. You can make money out of it since the price of the condo unit tends to be higher than when you first bought it. Put simply, condo prices appreciates.


If you’re planning to sell your condo unit, you can also sell it higher than the price you have paid before. You can command even higher prices when your unit is well-maintained and has many renovations and improvements that future owners may appreciate. Just make sure that before selling your condo to another buyer, everything is set – from the place to the papers for contract signing. Everything must be clear and understandable enough for the both of you, as a seller and as a buyer.


Condos with high resale value are those that are located in the city where one can have immediate access to various services, facilities, and establishments. These are the units that never run out of buyers.


Investing in a condo has great financial opportunities


When a person decides to purchase a unit, it doesn’t mean he or she will definitely live in the condo. You can also make money out of it by renting it out to those people who probably need a short or long-term accommodation.


Every month, you will receive their payments for their rentals. You make money that you can also place in other investments. Just make sure that you will break even at the shortest possible time and that the monthly rentals can cover the monthly association fees.


With all these benefits of investing in a condo, there will be no room for regrets. You can always live a satisfying lifestyle and you can even make money out of it. The bottom-line is, maximize the benefits while enjoying a condo lifestyle or maximize the benefits while letting others enjoy the same condo lifestyle that you are enjoying. It is always up to you what you want to do with the condo unit that you invest.