The Perks of Consulting a Real Estate Agent

Searching on the web on how to buy a condo is not a guarantee to have a good and satisfying outcome. Sadly. There are a lot of blogs and or articles discussing on how to buy a Makati condo, but what assurance they give that there will be no problem in the process of buying one?



When you are a kind of person who is very meticulous and detail-oriented, reading and basing your transactions from the web is not just enough. You need to make certain that every single detail of the process is clearly presented to you to avoid further problems.


Perhaps, one can have doubts about having or consulting a real estate agent in buying a condo since there is a consultation fee. Nonetheless, it is better to pay an additional for the consultation rather than paying more than the consultation fee for the wrong process and the damages these wrong processes create. For as long as the process of buying a condo is a clear and understandable enough for you and there will be no problem later on, then the consultation fee is worth paying for.


If you have still doubts in consulting real estate agents because you have your own personal reasons, let me just give you the advantages you can get when you consult and hire the services of an agent.


Real estate agent informs and lets you understand the market conditions


There are a lot of information that you need to know which you cannot find otherwise just by searching the net. Of course, you will have lots questions especially when you don’t understand the conditions and processes involved in buying a condo unit of your own. Real estate agent can help you in this matter.


Real estate agents will not just inform you, but they will also let you understand the market conditions. And when we say market conditions, it means they will let you understand the demographics of the place whether it is populated or not, the interest rates, the absorption rate and, of course, the vacancy rate and the availability of the condo unit that you want.


These will all be presented to you by the agents. They will let you know what you need to know about the place, the developer and the condo building before you decide to buy one. When you have questions or confusions about the location or whatever bothers you, for instance, the real estate agent can make himself or herself available to answer your questions to the best of their abilities. They will not leave you hanging with so many questions in your mind.


Real estate agent guides you on the price of the property


Yes, this! When we hear the word price or how much the condo or the property costs, we really want to make certain that that price is not an overprice and that there will be no hidden add-ons. We don’t want to spend beyond our capacity of paying. We all do! Who wants to pay when you don’t even know what are you paying for or where your money will go?


When you hire a real estate agent, you will be presented with a clear breakdown of the price. They will let you understand which payment goes to which particular fee that you need to pay. With that, you will not be doubtful that you are paying too much for a particular item.


Real estate agents also help you negotiate especially when your budget is on the line. They will make sure that there will be other options that you can choose from just to make sure that your money is just right and enough to pay for the condo unit that you like. You don’t have to worry because, as guides, the real estate agent will ensure you that you are making informed financial decisions.


Real estate agent knows how to negotiate and keep transactions confidential


Real estate agents will not just guide you in the process of buying a property. Instead, they will also help you from the start to end of the business transaction. There are times when there will be major and minor issues along the buying process. Without knowing the legal processes of transacting, it will really be difficult for you to solve it even if it is just a minor problem.


Real estate agents are familiar with the laws regarding buying condo units so, they would know how to negotiate businesses in a legal way and to your advantage. They will let you understand what the problem is all about and what caused it. Agents will also present to you the possible solutions and if you agree on the terms they suggest or not before pursuing the next steps.


Real estate agents can also be trusted when it comes to confidentiality. It is their duty to protect and keep the business transactions private from other entities so as not to compromise the transaction. They keep it confidential where only you and the real estate agent know what the deal is all about.


Real estate agents are trained and experienced


Agents will not be authorized to do any business transactions when you are still not trained and skillful enough to be a real estate agent. You have to be educated and know the ins and outs of the business transactions especially when dealing with negotiations. It requires total dedication and willingness of the agent to perform their best of their abilities.


Each of them will have the chance to experience transacting businesses; they will be guided by their heads or superiors. With that, their heads or supervisors will assess and determine whether they pass the qualifications of being a certified real estate agent.


That is why you don’t have to worry if you are planning to consult or hire a real estate agent since they are educated and skillful enough do the transactions. A license is required to be able to practice all these.


Consulting and hiring real estate agents will not hurt you especially when you really don’t have an idea of buying properties or transacting businesses. You don’t know what the future holds; in the end, you and the real estate agent may become future business partners. Who knows? So, don’t be too harsh on them.