What To Do When a Seller Rejects Your Offer


Searching for a seller can also be similar to finding your right partner. You can meet different prospects before you can find the right one. And who knows, he or she had long more than you do. But just like any other typical “search” stories, you can experience unpleasant circumstances. And I’ll tell you, there’s nothing more frustrating than a seller rejecting your offer. Agree?


Rejection is one of the common experiences for most home buyers, especially when there will be misunderstandings on the offer. Obviously, who would be on the disadvantage, right? If you are not careful enough when it comes to the offer, the mood can turn sour quickly. And even if you are planning to invest in a condominium for sale in Manila, without a good offer, a deal is definitely impossible.


However, just because one rejects your offer, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the end of your real estate investment. Perhaps, there are just some things that you need to do in order to achieve a desirable outcome. But before anything else, let’s determine why your offer was rejected. Here’s why:


Why Was My Offer Rejected?


After hearing the bad news from your agent, “Why was my offer rejected?” is likely going to be your first question. Agree? Of course, we want to know why and why not? As a home buyer, always remember that there are hundreds to thousands of home buyers who also want to invest a property like you do. Perhaps, that particular seller found a buyer whose offer is higher than yours. Generally, it is going to be a bidding war between a buyer to buyer aiming who gets the seller’s thumbs up. And if you are not competitive enough, then you will not get that particular person that would sell your home.


For some home buyers, they would not go for a higher bid. Perhaps, they don’t want to end up regretting the decisions they made, especially when money is involved. But fret not! Again, you can do something from it. Here’s how:


What To Do When a Seller Rejects Your Offer


Do not take it personally


It is unavoidable that we may feel down especially when someone rejects our offer. Who would, right? Perhaps, it is okay to feel down for a while – but don’t be discouraged. Always remember that you can definitely find a better seller than the previous one. Again, it is like finding your right partner – the search will go on.
However, if you tend to mix your emotions with your investment, you might not be in your best mental state. You might get intimidated or easy discourage when you let your emotions run the investment. That is why there must be a good judgment based on what is best.


Do re-evaluate your strategy


Basically, the seller will also make sure that the offer is going to be in a win-win situation for the both parties. However, if the sellers reject it, there must be some flaws in it, which you fail to foresee. And if you don’t want that sellers would reject your offer, again and again, you better re-evaluate your strategy. Perhaps, there are some things that might not be the advantage for the sellers. When making or planning for a strategy, make sure that you should also put yourself in the shoes of the seller. Think about what they want that can grab their interest when you offer them something. Moreover, think about what they don’t like and try to avoid such to make sure you can get their approval.


But here’s a caveat, though, don’t change your strategy especially when you are not sure about that particular change. Make sure that your strategy is still in line with the real estate market. That means you have to see to it that every single detail of your offer would be the advantage for both sides. However, if you are not sure about the change, then you better seek help from the real estate agents.


Do keep looking


If one rejects your offer, remember that there are still a lot of sellers you can find out there. Generally, buying a home can take you months before you can tell you find the right property that suits your lifestyle. Again, you just need to keep finding until you can find the right one. Of course, you also have to be prepared for in case you’ll experience any setbacks when it comes to the process of the investments.


Searching for a seller is not just about searching a person. You have to know the qualities of a seller that can be your best partner in the investment. If you have a clear view on what you really want to do with the investment, then you also have to search for a seller that can accommodate your standards. With this method, you are narrowing down the list of the sellers.


Don’t get desperate


One thing that can bring you to failure is being desperate in everything you do. Perhaps, it is understandable that you need to have the investment as soon as possible. Some of you here would rather settle for any kind of home. However, if you are desperate enough in finding the right seller, you might not get the best person that would help you succeed in the real estate investment. Moreover, this will also lead you to a plan where everything is made or decided impulsively. And mind you, making a decision without any careful planning would not bring you a good result.


If you really want the investment as soon as possible, make sure that you are still doing the right thing. When it comes to real estate transactions, you must be guided especially when it comes to the market.


Widen your options


Yes, we all want to have our dream home, and we would do anything just to achieve our goal. But what if it is just impossible for you to have that particular property due to some circumstances? Moreover, if you think that it is impossible for every seller to accept your offer, then perhaps, it is the time for you to have a change of plan. I’m sure it won’t hurt you if you just widen your options when it comes to giving some offers, right?
You might want to consider having a similar property yet with a different style or feature that would also fit your standard and lifestyle. Who knows, by widening your options you can find better than your previous plan.


Final thoughts


Generally, investing in a real estate would not be that hard as you think it is. For as long as you know what and what not to do when it comes to the process of investing, then you can definitely succeed in it. Although you might have some idea on how the investment works, never forget to involve a trustworthy agent on every transaction that you make. Real estate agents are there to guide you through every procedure. Moreover, they are also there to make you understand if there are any queries that you need to know.