Realtors: Know How To Market To Your Customers

Knowing how to market to your target customer is essential to every realtor. Essentially, the target market of all realtors are those who want to scout and purchase a new property. As such, realtors need to learn and practice the art of convincing customers to purchase a condo unit in Bonifacio Global City, for instance. Applying the art and the attitude of being a professional realtor would mean establishing trust among your customers and gaining more connections.


Unfortunately, not all realtors are successful in persuading potential customers. Perhaps, they still lack the convincing power. On the part of the customer, they would know that a particular realtor is good for persuading or not. In the end, they are hooked up and won over that what they really need that moment is to live in a condo and nothing else.


As a realtor, it is blatantly embarrassing not to know persuasion skills of some sort. But if you already know yet you forgot the most important things when it comes to dealing with the customers, below are some reminders on how to properly market to your customers.

1. Establish a marketing day


The main point here is knowing what day or month most potential buyers usually purchase a particular property. Know when is the peak season to get more buyers to look at the properties that you are offering.


Also, this practice doesn’t just end up in knowing when is the peak season for buying condos. It would also mean making and following schedule on when and what day a particular buyer would make an appointment with you. When you have a schedule to follow, your daily activities will be in order. This avoids confusion about the things that you must prioritize and accomplish first.


2. Expand your social media presence


Establishing your social media presence is also an advantage on your part as a realtor. You will encounter and get to know potential customers who are also active socially. Some of the most appropriate sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If possible, you may also start building your own blog which should be related to your work as a realtor.


When you establish your presence online, you may brand yourself as a realtor. People would want to collaborate with your regarding purchasing a specific property like a condo unit. There will come a time when someone will ask for help or advice from you regarding their real estate problems. As a realtor, you also have the responsibility to answer their questions and attend to their concerns regarding this matter.


Know that, however, engaging and interacting with your possible client should be strictly professional. You don’t want to damage your reputation as a successful and respectable realtor. If anything happens, you just have to make sure that your work as a realtor and your personal life are two separate entities. Staying at the professional level will also benefit you and the company that you represent as well as your clients.

3. Do not disregard the email


Emails are important, especially those you receive from potential clients. Even if there are a lot of emails that you have to check and read, you must sift through them patiently and carefully. You might now know it, but the next email that you need to read will give you a great deal. This could be your biggest break as a real estate agent yet.


On the other hand, be careful in reading emails. Double check and analyze each email that were sent to you. There are many spammers out there who will trap you into believing that he or she will purchase many condo units, for example. Verify and confirm the identity of the person and what company he or she belongs to. You have to make sure that the person is credible and trustworthy enough for the both of you to have a good and honest transaction in the future.

4. Refresh property photos


As a realtor, it is also one of your duties to take good pictures of the properties that you are going to sell. Always remember that a high-quality, true-to-the-image picture alone can draw a lot of potential buyers to inquire about a certain property. So, make the photo more realistic and from a good angle. The quality of your picture also depends on how you angled it.


When you think that you need to update your photos since there are already some changes on the properties that you are about to sell, then you have to take the new photos. Great images really help you in convincing your client. They will know that what you said to them is true or not since you have some proof to back your claim.


Photos are also a big help to you as a realtor when you are out of words to describe the property that you are selling. Just looking at the picture will help you form new words or sentences on how to best describe it. That is why bringing a portfolio with you whenever you are about to meet a client is a must.

5. Diversify your giveaways


One way to differentiate your consulting services from the rest is how you treat your prospect and current clients. Approaching them nicely may not be enough. Instead, you should consider handing them giveaways to show them how much they are appreciated. Distributing giveaways may also lead to other clients knocking on your door. Bottom-line, when your clients know that you are always a better option that other realtors, they will continually do business with you. A stranger today could be your most loyal client tomorrow.


These are just some ideas on how to deal with your clients in a professional manner, and it all starts with polishing your interpersonal and convincing skills. These ideas aim to make your market strategy be in the next level. So if you think that you are not good at persuading potential clients, then go back to the basics.


As a realtor, you always have to remember that it is about the art and style of approaching your clients and pitching your value proposition. With the right knowledge, it will be easier to land on the big break that you are waiting for.