For Realtors: 8 Simple Ways to Attract and Maintain Foreign Real Estate Clients

“To be successful in real estate, you must always and consistently put your client’s best interest first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations.” – Anthony Hitt


The very first step in the home selling process is to attract potential homebuyers. Whether you are aiming to market a property such as condominium for sale in Manila, to attract clients is one of the most fundamental steps to increase the chances of a successful sale. This may be one of the most challenging and demanding things to do in the real estate industry, especially when dealing with foreign clients.


Attracting foreign clients who want to invest a property in the Philippines may not be that simple since they have a particular standard when it comes to their home. A favorable deal comes with a smart and witty realtor. That means it is up to them on how they can pull some tricks. But to give you an idea here are some simple ways on how a real estate agent should attract potential foreign clients.


  1. Know where most of them come from


Keep in mind that foreign clients come from different countries. They may be from America, Japan, Korea, India, Canada, China, etc. That means, they have different styles and standards when it comes to choosing the right home for them. Before you start marketing the property, make sure you know what they want for a home. Perhaps, they want their home to resemble like their culture. With the country’s booming economy, more foreign clients are now interested in investing in the Philippine real estate. For realtors, it is recommended to stay updated of these, as it will hep in recognizing what their nationalities are, for you to know what and how to deal with them.


2. Have an understanding of where they will be staying in the Philippines


As a realtor, it is crucial for you to do some research and understand what part of the country is the most resident foreign nationals. Whether it’s a province or a city, it is expected that there would be foreign clients who reside in that particular area. With this, knowing which part of the Philippines has the larges population of foreigner residents will give you and idea of their kind of lifestyle. Of course, with this information, you will be able to determine what kind of property most foreigners would probably invest.


3. Increase your knowledge of their countries of origin


A little background check on their culture would not hurt your time and effort. In fact, the information you gain would help you attract more foreign clients since you have already an idea what things do they like and hate the most, basing on their culture. Additionally, each foreign client has a different standard when it comes to home buying. That is means; you have to try to learn more about their countries’ political and economic situations, particular factors such as currency fluctuation as it can influence their decision in buying a property.


4. Become familiar with their language


There will always be an advantage when you know about their language. Apart from the fact that you will be able to understand your clients more, you will also be able to explain the things you wanted to convey to them. Although most of the realtors know how to speak English sufficiently, not all foreign clients who arrived in the country use it as a primary or even secondary language. Realtors do not need to speak fluently in their native language, as long as you know at least the basic, then you will be able to guide them all throughout the home buying process.


5. Be a reliable expert


Sometimes, it was difficult to convince a foreign client. Keep in mind that they have their unique standard when choosing a home. That is why, an in-depth expertise, especially when dealing with meticulous clients is paramount in ensuring them that they are guided them accordingly and that they actually trust you enough to do so. Additionally, foreign clients are also impressed when you share some geographical, social, political and economic data about the Philippines and the areas that they are interested in.


6. Prepare to bridge differences


As mentioned, realtors should expect that there would be a lot of differences between the country’s culture and theirs. That means you need to fill the gap by addressing and working on even with the simple details. For instance, if they have a hard time converting their currency to the Philippine pesos, or even converting square meters to square feet or units of measurement, then teach them how. These simple gestures would give them a sense of importance.


7. Have all the right connections to recommend


It is important for a realtor to recommend a trusted company to your clients. For instance, when it comes to reliable tax, mortgage, and legal experts, you need to recommend a particular person or company on that matter. This is also one way to maintain trust with your clients. Keep in mind that there is certain matter that needs an expert in that particular field – let them do their expertise.


8. Maintain an easy pace


Never rush or pressure your clients. Always remember that they may need more consultation and additional time to reach a decision. Additionally, there are also a lot of factors that may keep bugging them, especially if they are not always in the Philippines. That is why it is also important as a realtor to support and respect their decision.


Bonus Tip: Use visual aids to overcome language barriers


Let’s just say, you happen to have a Japanese client. You may know how to speak English, yet your client doesn’t. One helpful way you can break the language barrier is to use visual aids. As a realtor, it is expected of you to prepare some pictures of the house and other things you need them to see. With this, they will be able to understand at least what you want to convey to them.

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