Buying a Pre-selling Condo in Taguig

Sometimes, buying a pre-selling condo is your best bet

Before homebuyers decide to invest in a real estate property, contemplating whether to invest in a pre-selling condo or not is one of the concerns most of them encounter. Most of us might also wonder, why invest in a pre-selling unit when you have an option to invest in ready-for-occupancy units? If you are one of those homebuyers who wish to invest, yet may not immediately occupy the property, then investing in a pre-selling condo in Taguig might be your best bet.

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A pre-selling condo unit is a kind of property that is being sold before it is built and completed. This means, the property that you are going to buy is still not established. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why some homebuyers scrap the thought of investing in a pre-selling condo. They have these misconceptions in mind that it might be a failure investing in a property without any assurances.


Of course, when we talk about investing wisely, homebuyers usually would prefer investing in a property that is visible and are assured that the property they invested on would be of use to them. Even with these thoughts in mind, most of the homebuyers, if not all, would still prefer pre-selling condo units, and here are the reasons why.


Advantages of investing in a pre-selling condo


Low introductory price and flexible payment schemes


This is one of the advantages you can have when you invest in a pre-selling unit. Since you are investing in a property that is not tangible yet, the price of the property that you are going to pay will be lower than occupancy-ready units. Lowering the price down attract potential home buyers who wish to invest in a real estate. With this, it will also be on the developer’s advantage.


Of course, it will definitely be on your advantage too, since you can have it thru installment basis. Usually, pre-sellers offer stretched down payment terms for you to be able to pay in a lower rate.  Now taking these advantages, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the exact amount for down payment as of the moment.


Isn’t it a good thing to have when you can take advantage of choosing the spot of your condo unit? Since there are still a few people who have their reservations set on a particular condo unit, there are still a lot of units available to choose from. You have the luxury to select what kind of condo unit and floor plan you want to have.


There is caveat though; even if you are investing in a pre-selling condo, there are a lot of home buyers who also wish to invest have already had their reservations. That is why, it is best for you to be ahead in providing the necessary things that are needed for you to be able to have a condo unit reserved for you.


Wise Investment


Knowing the advantages you can have when you invest in a pre-selling condo unit will definitely be on your advantage. It is not just about buying a property; it is also about investing for the near future. If you are a person who wishes to make some extra income, you can definitely rent out your unit. It will also be your freewill to make the price of your unit higher than you have bought it.


As the demand for residential units increase, the value of the property that you have will also increase. There is also a caveat when you want to rent out your unit. You have to make sure that the condo management will allow you to rent your unit out since there are managements that are strict when it comes to that kind of policy.


Tips to have a successful pre-selling condo investment


Okay, let’s admit! There are some of you here who are doubting over the thought of investing in a pre-selling condo unit or not. Investing in real estate can also be tricky. You should not rush into things, especially when it comes to investing for your future.
Now for you to make sure that your investments will not be in vain, here are some quick tips for you to have a successful pre-selling condo investment.


Check out the developer


Make sure that the company that develops a particular real estate is trustworthy. Check its background and other projects to be assured that it is legit. If you want to have and live in a quality property, then it is best for you to choose and invest in a property only from reputable developers. Also, don’t forget to verify whether the project development is authentic or not, to avoid any complications later on.



With that, you will have the assurance that the property that you are going to invest is a quality one.


Consult a good real estate agent


One thing that comes to our minds when we want to invest in a real estate is to hire and consult a real estate agent. Of course, you do not want to barge into the property and buy it instantly without any legal process. A good real estate agent will help you with that matter. The agents/realtors are available to guide you and let you understand the process of the real estate investments.


Know and understand the policies of the property


There are, if not all, real estate property managements that are strict when it comes to their policies. Not knowing the rules and regulations of the property might lead to some issues regarding the policies that you fail to follow. Whether you like it or not, there are some policies that are not on our advantage. That is why, you have to know what these policies are, for you to adjust the behaviour and the lifestyle that you used to have.

Ask, ask, ask


Asking is the number one thing that you need to do when it comes to having real estate transactions. More or less, there are things like real estate jargons that you will encounter while in the process. If you don’t know any of those things, never hesitate to ask questions to the right persons. Also, don’t sign any contract when you still don’t understand the terms. ASKING is always the keyword. The more you ask, the more you understand the things that are going on around you.


As a homebuyer, it is your responsibility to be careful in every decision that you make. It is your call whether to pursue in investing for a pre-selling condo or not. For as long as you know what is at stake in any transactions you, then it will definitely be your own choice.