Buying a Makati Condo For Sale

For most condo buyers, investing in a guaranteed condominium matters the most!

When buying real estate, one of the major factors homebuyers usually have in their checklist is on how it satisfies their needs when it comes to property managements and after-sales services. It is a standard qualification to every homebuyer to look for a quality condominium. Who wouldn’t? If you think that you need to go over your checklist, you might as well consider and include investing in Makati condo for sale.



Investment wise, it is better to invest in a condominium where you know that you can have a long lasting assurance than choosing the ones that don’t have. Yes, there have been a lot of cases that homebuyers regret the choice that they have made. And I’m sure you don’t want to go to that path, right?


Why invest in a Makati condo?



There are actually a lot of real estate types that you can choose, but why should you choose to invest in a Makati condo for sale? Well, from its infrastructures to the amenities, you’ll definitely have no room for any regrets.


1.   Superior infrastructures



Talking about the assurance of a high quality standard, Makati has made it the most centralized city in Metro Manila and in the National Capital region due to its highly developed multi-modal transport infrastructures.


The availability of various forms of public transportation, such as jeepneys and buses, Metro Rail Transit (MRT) complemented by a road network that links the city to the rest of Metro Manila, ensures accessibility and convenience.


Moreover, the city has the most developed telecommunications infrastructure in the country with the aid of the two major providers for land-based telephone services, the PLDT and Globe Telecom.



2.   World-class amenities


Generally, condominiums have redefined urban living.  A condo may be expensive because of the amenities it offers. However, as a homebuyer, you can definitely avail and enjoy exclusive privileges (e.g. pool, billiards, recreation, 24/7 security, wifi amenities, convenience store etc) in a reasonable fee.


Now, you don’t have to leave your homes just to relax and unwind. From facilities to the personal services, everything is already in store for you. Of course, what makes living in a condo more special? It gives you the comfort, convenience and security. These are just some of benefits that you can have when you are one of the homeowners.


Moreover, there are a lot of places that you can enjoy aside from the amenities the condo offers. Locals and foreign tourists flock to Makati commercial centers since it is convenient, accessible, it has a satisfying ambiance, the interior and exterior environment that also match the world-class standards and the quality of stores that you will definitely enjoy.



3.   Heightened security



“Is it safe to live here?” That is one of the most common questions that homebuyers usually ask before they decide to invest in a particular condo unit.  Who wouldn’t be concerned with such matter, especially when it comes to the safety of you and your family?! We all do!


Fortunately, we don’t need to worry since Makati condo units have heightened their security for the safety of the homeowners. There are security guards who regularly check the vicinity, and are always on high alert when it comes to visitors going in and out of the building.


Aside from the constant monitoring of the security guards, there are a lot of CCTV cameras that are installed in different areas, to assure that there are no suspicious people or activities happening around.


Moreover, the security is not just in the vicinity of the Makati condo, but also within the community. The Makati City government is building a state-of-the-art police headquarters, and recently established the nation’s first free-standing emergency care facility, the Acute Care Center (ACC) Ospital ng Makati in BWL-Air. With qualified doctors, nurse, and support personnel trained in responding to life-threatening illness or injury via the team approach.


4. Expat-friendly



Aside from owning and living in a nice home and enjoying the amenities it offers, one of the advantages that you will definitely love – is meeting new and friendly neighbours. There are also foreign homeowners in the area, making it an opportunity to make friends with them and learn from their culture. Creating this kind of social relationship would make a harmonious neighboring community not only for you but also for them making them experience what a Filipino community could offer.


Perhaps, it is the hospitable trait of the Filipinos that brought foreign people to love the place. Moreover, the good and satisfying ambiance of the Makati condo also adds points to the decision making of the foreign people to stay and live here, not mentioning the economic factor of the city they live in.


Makati has highly developed foreign transient support institutions, and is a home to the headquarters of international organizations such as the World Health Organization, UNICEF, IFC, and UNNDP.