Why Investing in a Ready-for-Occupancy Condo Unit is an Advantage

It is true that looking for a property can also be a challenge. However, because of the booming demand brought by the increase of available jobs in several industries, this gives way for the people to invest in a property. In fact, there are hundreds of condominiums for sale in Manila alone that are ready-for-occupancy. But here’s the catch, investing in a real estate is not that easy as you think it is. There are things you need to consider before you decide to purchase a condo unit.


Moreover, you cannot start searching a condo unit when you don’t have a clear view on what property you want to have – which makes it even harder for most people to choose. It usually takes a firm decision to invest in a condo unit. That means you have to start assessing yourself whether to invest in a pre-selling condo or a ready-for-occupancy condo. On this point, you can determine what kind of condo unit you want to invest.


Yes, pre-selling and ready-for-occupancy condos have their own pros and cons. And it is up to the home buyer to choose what’s best for them. But do you know that most homebuyers would prefer investing in a ready-for-occupancy condo unit than the other? Here’s why:


They are worry free


From the word itself “Ready-for-occupancy”, you can definitely move into your condo unit any time of the day. The unit of your choice is already available for you to use. As a homeowner, you don’t need to worry about waiting for years just for the completion of the building. And if you are concern about the condo’s changes in the fittings, finishing and the quality of the finished product since you can actually get what you are actually buying.


If you don’t have any furniture to begin with, you can also choose condo units that have furniture on it already. But these units are actually more expensive than the other. But if you think that the condo unit is worth the price, then it is your call to invest such property.


They are ready to be inspected


One of the things that bring an excitement to a homebuyer is the inspection of the property. Property inspection is one of the important things a homebuyer should do, to know and make sure that the unit that they want would fit their standard. What’s more great about it is that you can inspect the property any time of the day. And if you want to have other options, then you have the opportunity to shop around the place for better choices.


Moreover, if there’s anything that you want to clarify about its sizes, cuts and orientation of the place, you can definitely ask the broker personally. You don’t just look at its features, but you will also have an idea about the overall structure of the place.


What you see is what you get


One of the misconceptions for most homebuyers is that they will get what they saw from the brochures, leaflets, presentations, or swanky showrooms. As a result, they will be dismayed of the outcome. As a homebuyer, don’t expect too much since what you see during the home inspection is what you will get when you purchase the property. Nothing more and nothing less, unless you want to request something you want to include in the condo unit. If the condo unit is still barred during the home inspection, then you will most likely purchase an empty room.


Generally, this is also one of the many ways you can imagine what you want to do with the condo unit. Since you already know the overall structure of the place, then you will not have a hard time thinking about what to do when it comes to home decorations.


You quickly know how your home will appear


Again, this is one of the advantages when you got to see the property or the condo unit personally. You will basically have an idea of what the place will look like. If there is anything that you want specifically for your unit, then you can choose a property of your choice. Moreover, you need not worry too much about the appearance of your home , since you will be assured if the quality of the unit you will be purchasing. Of course, you will not invest in a property when you are not sure about its appearance, right?


Additionally, you can plan the unit’s design on your own without any help from the professionals since you already have an idea on what it is going to be when you purchase such property.


Your waiting time is shorter


Unlike when you invest in pre-selling condo units, investing in a ready-for-occupancy unit is best when you want to move into your new home as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait too long just to have your own home. Additionally, you got to the chance to know and personally inspect the condo unit before you decide whether or not you’ll pursue the investments. When you found the condo unit that bests suit with your likings, then you are ready for the process of investments.


Of course, the waiting would not be too long for as long as you have the right papers and if you are ready for the real estate investments. However, if not, then you have to wait a little more until you are capable with the investments.


Your future property is ready to be used


This is one of the advantages when you invest in ready-for-occupancy condo units. If you want to move into your new home as soon as possible, then you definitely can. Again, for as long as you settle the necessary documents for you to be able to own that particular property. When you do, then you don’t have to worry about anything else.


If you are one of those home buyers who are still undecided on whether or not to invest in ready-for-occupancy condo units, then you have the advantages above. Of course, it is up to you if what kind of property you want to invest that is best for you and for your family.