Home Buying Tips: 8 Things You Should Never Say To Home Sellers

Let’s be clear on one thing: Buying a home can be overwhelming. We tend to get excited whenever we see properties that matched our preferences. In fact, it can be an emotional roller-coaster ride. However, seeing what you love or hate can also be a dangerous factor when it comes to home buying – especially around the seller. Whether you plan to invest in Arca South Taguig or even a pre-selling condo in Manila, you should be mindful of the things you want to say.


Obviously, that does not mean we should not trust the seller per se. We trust their cooperation to help us achieve our dream home. However, because we get too excited, we tend to blurt things out impulsively. And what we say can be their basis on how they do the transaction. We eventually realize that it is definitely a bad decision to make. After all, you will be the one who will suffer and not the seller.


So if you want to decide something, you have to think twice before blurting it all out. And to give you some ideas, we list down things below that you should never say to a seller. Be skeptical – of course, in a good way possible.


1. “This is my dream place.”


Perhaps, it may be a typical reaction for homebuyers especially when the property exceeds their expectations. Overwhelming, isn’t it? However, you have to know how to control your emotions especially in front of the seller. This will give them an idea to snag more money out of the buyers. If you are not careful, “This is my dream place” would also mean, “Money is not an issue for as long as I can have my dream home.”


2. “I can afford to spend X.”


While it’s nice to know how much you can afford on a particular property, but that does not mean you need to say it aloud. Perhaps, you can tell your realtor about such matter to give him an idea of what properties matches your lifestyle – but not to the seller. When it comes to money matters, never boast you can pay expensive properties. This will only give them an opportunity to overprice the property. Obviously, we want to have a fair deal, right?


3. “I can’t wait to get rid of that.”


It may be understandable that you want to get rid of something that you think you do not need. However, your decision can wait until you are a legal owner of the property. You also have to be considerate. There are just some sellers who may hold truckloads of memories on that particular property, and it is definitely rude to say these phases to them if you are planning to renovate it. Moreover, this may be the reason why sellers reject the offer or come back asking for more money upon hearing that you want to do some makeover.


4. “Why are you selling?”


Being curious is normal, but that does not mean you’ll just ask anything out of nowhere. However, keep it to yourself. Asking this kind of question is also considered rude to the seller. Who knows? There might be any personal reasons why they want to sell the property, and you are out of that issue. You also have to be considerate on what they might feel if you ask why they want to sell it. Moreover, this question will also put both parties into an awkward situation. And I’m sure you do not want to feel uncomfortable transacting business with the seller, right?


5. “What is it really like to live here?”


Sure, you want to know what it is like to live in the neighborhood, but that does not mean you have to interrogate the neighbors about the things you want to know. You do not want to make them think that you are an investigator or a spy. This question will also give them some creeps if you tend to be talkative without even knowing who you are.


6. “You’ll never get that price!”


When it comes to property hunting, you will always encounter prices that are higher than you can afford. However, you should never tell the seller that they will never get that particular price. It is best to keep it to yourself and try to negotiate with the seller properly. If the seller does not lower down the price, then don’t insist your offer. The best way is to find another property that will match your budget. Just don’t be rude, especially when you the price is high.


7. “I’ll give you (an extremely lowball offer) for this house, whaddya say?”


One significant factor that makes or breaks the deal is the price of the property. That is why, we tend to find properties that would also fit our budget. However, never ask your agent to submit multiple lowball offers. When it comes to finding an impressive home, then you should trust your agent on that matter. It would not be a good idea to insult the person whose home you’re trying to buy, while you are not sure about taking the offer. Also, take the advice of your agent since they know what and what is fair pricing in the real estate industry.


8. “That couch is hideous.”


Naturally, we all are subject to our opinion. We can speak what we want. But when it comes to property hunting, never tell the seller that their couch is hideous. We all have different taste in home decorations. Or perhaps, that couch is just a gift from their parent or relatives. Who are we to judge, right? If you think that they have a poor taste in home decorating, then keep it to yourself. Wait until you own that property and do some necessary renovations. Just do not insult whatever flaws you saw on that property.


When it comes to real estate investments, there will always be a time for everything. And as a buyer, you have to know how to sort things or words to say that would not offend the seller. Remember, what goes around, comes around. And if you are professional enough to approach such transaction, then you can expect a good outcome in return.



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