The Taguig Condo That’s Right For You

A condo living within a progressive city

Taguig is an emerging growth center. In fact, it was being positioned as the next Bonifacio Global City. Four words: THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT! So, the next best thing is to be at the heart of development. If it means buying a condo, then so be it.

Taguig Condo

Avida Land

Avida Towers One Union Place

Live in Harmony. Live in Sync.

avida towers one union place

If you are looking for a convergently relaxed condo lifestyle then, One Union Place is the perfect setting for you. It is a contemporary designed residential building that takes pride on areas where a dweller can savor the modern comforts. Certainly, this is a great way to reward yourself after a hard day’s work. The common areas such as the game room, play area, pool deck, view deck and landscaped garden are also designed to emphasize social convergence.

Alveo Land

The Veranda

Life in the Flow

alveo the veranda

Dubbed as a visionary destination, The Veranda will mostly appeal to you if you are looking for an inspiring change. This one-of-a-kind building is a fully-connected development that thrives on energy-efficient use and green spaces. There are intimate-scaled amenities where dwellers may relish their R&R. Some good examples are the atrium garden and koi pond. At times, a refreshing retreat is all we need, right?

Ayala Land Premier

Arbor Lanes

Located within the City in Sync, Arbor Lanes is the epitome of coming together and in a highly sophisticated way at that. This is place wherein architecture and nature naturally comes together. It has a distinctive building orientation with commercial aspects to the north and residential communities to the west. This residence embraces leisure settings where daily pursuits capsulized by and with a natural energy as the building allows natural breeze to enter while also minimizing sun exposure. If you loathe all the harm effects of too much sun exposure, you’ll love the place.
Living in a condo Taguig could be the most important decision you will ever make. Make sure that you will not regret that decision by buying the right condo.