Condo Near Makati

Taguig City, which is less than 10 kilometers away from Makati, has several condo brands to choose from. These are Ayala Land Premier, Alveo Land, and Avida Land.


These condo buildings are seamlessly connected to the open spaces and retail areas. The best thing is—lush greenery surrounds 60% of the area; you won’t feel the condo is right inside the city.


Brands of condo near Makati


Ayala Land Premier


Arbor Lanes


At Home in Wonder


condo near makati arbor lanes


Located in the eastern part of ARCA South, Arbor Lanes is a 34,315-sqm development. While the residences are in various configurations, the garden and landscape views are all over the community.


The condo building has a distinctive orientation, allowing the natural breeze to permeate while minimizing sun exposure. With this, a pleasurable microclimate was created throughout.


Alveo Land


The Veranda


Life in the Flow


condo near makati the veranda


A mid-rise, low-density condo, The Veranda is located at a more secluded area of ARCA South. It is a four-tower master plan that is based on the aeroflux system, the newest technology in real estate industry.


The system derived its name from Latin words aero, flux, and lux that means air, fluidity, and light, respectively. With aeroflux system at the helm, natural light dispersion and air circulation are maximized. This creates breathable and naturally illuminated spaces.


Avida Land


Avida Towers One Union Place


Live in Harmony. Live in Sync.


condo near makati avida towers one union place


A mid-density, three-tower condominium, One Union Place is found in the southeastern part of ARCA South. It targets people who are looking for a new lifestyle experience. For one, the units and the common areas are thoughtfully designed to highlight a more relaxed living experience.


With a central courtyard and other modern features (CCTV in common areas, centralized garbage disposal system, and fire sprinkler system, among others), the condo specifically provides a relaxing environment for individuals and families.