Condo Living: How to Live with Satisfaction

The first thing that comes to our mind when we plan to buy a Makati condo is to live a much better life than we previously have, right? Not just you, but there are already a lot of people who bought a condo and thought that they are now living a more satisfying life now. Of course, we all need to live in an environment where we can be safe and contented. That’s Maslow’s second hierarchy of need – safety!


You might wonder whether there are condo owners who are not satisfied with their decision to buy or with their choice of a condo. How come one might not be satisfied when he/she got to live in a condo, you might ask. Yes, your satisfaction also depends on whether you like the overall quality of a condo that you have chosen or not. With all those desires that we have, they would mean nothing if we are not careful in choosing a condo that suits our lifestyles and needs.


There are actually a lot of things to consider when you are planning to live in a condo. And, carefully choosing the right condo for you plays a big part in a condo investment. If you are wondering what are these things are, please read on.




Of course, budget! You should not forget this. Always keep in mind that you should not be carried away when browsing condos for sale on the Internet and visiting them for the first time. Ask yourself if you have the capacity to pay for it. If you feel like you cannot afford the condo, do not force yourself to buying it. There are many and more affordable condominiums out there. Also, make sure that you have enough budget for the down payment, moving in and living in the condo of your choice.


To ensure that you can cope up with your monthly bills, you also have to know and clarify all the details with the broker, developer or condo association representative. When you avail the condo unit through a package, make sure that what you are going to pay for is really included in the package to avoid problems in the future.




Choosing the right location of the condo is yet another important thing to consider. Basically, the condo must be in a convenient location. With this, your families and friends who wish to go and visit you in your condo would easily find your place.


Further, you must choose a condo where it is accessible to the places that you frequent or eventually need – be it in malls, offices, schools, hospitals and other basic services. It will be a hassle on your part if you choose a condo that is far from these places more so if you are a commuter.


There are several condos for sale in the city which gives owners an almost instant access to the essentials. However, just always keep in mind that aside from its location, you also need to consider the surrounding of the condominium itself. If the condo building is along the highway, check whether it is safe to cross the streets or not.



We are all concern when it comes to our wellbeing, right? Who wants to live in a condo that is not properly constructed? Even a crack that you found in the corner of your condo unit is indicative of poor construction. That simple crack may even lead to an accident especially when it is not fixed on time. We don’t know, and God forbid, but even a low-intensity earthquake might damage or collapse the condominium building.


Being meticulous in every detail is not a bad thing; not at all, most importantly, when it comes to our safety. As a resident, you have the right to report a crack or any damage that needs fixing to the management. Well, if you really don’t like the way it was constructed, then you have the choice to find another condo unit to buy or transfer another condo building of your choice.


Let’s admit it! When we know that the condo that we are living is highly safe and secure, it gives us the peace of mind and confidence.




Before deciding to move and live in a condo, it is best for you to inspect the place personally including the facilities, amenities, neighborhood, management, etc. You have to check those things for you to know whether you want to pursue moving and living in that particular condo or not.


There are condo units with ready to use furniture. It is also your duty to personally inspect the condo unit whether the things inside the unit is useful for you and your loved ones. If there are any amenity or furnishing that you would need, you may ask the management if it is available or not so you can bring your own to the unit. Requesting for anything is your right as an owner. But, make sure that your requests are reasonable enough.





In every condo, there are sets of rules to follow. Condo associations will let you know of their sets of rules or policies implemented within the condo. If there are policies that you think that you are not comfortable with, you can ask the condo manager about it for you not to violate it later on. Knowing and abiding by the rules of the condo is every condo owner’s duty. Never break the rules and don’t forget them either otherwise you might have to face the consequences.


Rules and policies are specifically designed for the safety of all condo unit owners and guests. It is also your responsibility to inform families and friends who came to visit you to be considerate of these rules. Anything that can inflict bother or damage to the neighborhood, even if your friends and not you caused it, is subject to reprimand. There is no need to face any of these if you comply with those rules and take your responsibilities seriously, making your stay at the condo a truly satisfying one.