8 Effective Ways To Secure Your Home

It is such a wonderful and exciting feeling when you got to go on a vacation without worrying about your home. Right? As we all know, securing our home is a must! Well, that goes without saying. However, keeping your home secure all the times would mean a lot of work. Obviously, it is hard for us, especially for working homeowners to be around their home 24 hours a day just to guard their home. Although you might be planning to invest in a property such as Arca South in Taguig where security guards are all around the clock patrolling and securing the place, you still need to secure your home personally.


Whether you like it or not, you must not be complacent when it comes to the security of your home. Yes, there might be guards who can help you with that matter, but it is still an important and a plus factor when you are careful enough with your surroundings. Who knows, suspicious people may not be from the outside but from the inside. Right? And yes, there is no use of being paranoid about your belongings while you go on your vacation, but securing your home should not be taken lightly.


And if you are one of those homeowners who are planning to go on a trip, then you must be alert when it comes to security and safety of your home. To avoid any unwanted circumstances, you might want to know and refer to these tips below.


1. Beef up your security systems


It is true that security cameras are a big help. But it does not mean it is enough to secure your home. To ensure a heightened security, consider fortifying your home. There is no harm for you if you install a heavy-duty lock strike plate on your door. Well, it is the weakest part and where most of the thieves may try to break in. Moreover, you can also add sash pins to double-hung windows to make them more secure.


2. Make your home look lived in


One of the many reasons why most suspicious people would attempt to break into your home is that it seems that no one is there living in it. Of course, they will also think that you and your family are on vacation and it is their chance to break in. However, if you make your home lively such as having the lights on outside your home, then it will reduce the possibility of being burglarized. Moreover, if you have an unkempt lawn, make sure to mow it before you leave or hire someone to trim it. With that, they will not be suspicious about nobody is living in that particular home.


3. Windows + extension cords = bad


As we all know having lights outside our home is a must! Of course, this is one way to keep the burglars away. However, installing a light with the use of extension cords through your windows is definitely not a good idea. Since the cords prevent the windows from closing properly, this will invite suspicious people to take a peek on your window. And if they know that the windows can be easily open, then this might also be their chance to break in.


4. Do not fall for door-to-door solicitations


Whether you realize it or not, there are some people who tend to do some door-to-door solicitations, when it fact, they are just observing your home. Before they break into your home, they want to know first if your door is secured with a double lock, or if your windows can easily be open. With that, it will be much easier and faster for them to do their work. However, if you are careful enough not to fall for a door-to-door solicitation, then burglars and other suspicious people would not know the structure of your home. Also, even if they know, they should also know that your home is well secured enough that they cannot easily break in.


5. Use the latest tech


Generally, installing some CCTV cameras in the premises of your home is definitely not enough. You have to tighten the security by installing an emergency alarm especially when there is a suspicious person who breaks in your home. With this, you are not just capturing the footage, but you are also calling the attention of the neighbors or the guards that there is a burglar around the premises of the property.


6. Keep your valuables out of sight


The number one reason why most burglars would break into your home is to find some things that are worth a fortune. That means they will not care if it is the most precious of valuable thing for you, for as long as it can give them some advantage then they are on the go. However, if you just have a safe place where all of your valuables are kept, then your belongings are safe from their eyes. Before you leave for a vacation, you have to make sure that there will be no valuable things that are still on the sight.


7. Make a record of valuables


For you to ensure that there is nothing wrong happened while you are gone, you might want to make a record of all of your valuables at home. If you have a collection of imported watches, then take down how many watches you have. With that, you will be able to know if there is someone who broke into your home. This is also one way to confirm that the things are truly yours if they are recovered by the police.


8. Do your packing out of sight


While it is comfortable enough for you to pack in an open space, there are just some things that you need to keep hidden. And when it comes to packing your valuables, you need to be keen enough when packing. Make sure that no one can see you packing it. When they do, they might have the tendency to be tempted to break into your home since they know what they can get and where you put such thing.


Basically, securing your home is not that hard as you think it is. For as long as you know the basics of what and what not to do when it comes to the security and safety of your home, then you will not have to worry about anything. As a homeowner, you just have to be wise when it comes to your valuables and other belongs at home that no burglar would be able to get the things you hold dear.