7 Things Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You

As we all know, there will always be advantages when we hire a real estate agent. While doing all the work yourself can save you from any commission rates, but for most home investors, going solo might not be a good idea. You might not want to end up committing costly mistakes. It doesn’t matter if you invest in a pre-selling condo in Manila, there is still a need for you to consult and hire a realtor for it.


Yes, a good realtor also plays a big role when it comes to achieving a successful real estate investment. However, there are just some things they hide from us. Perhaps, they just don’t know how to say it in front of you, or they simply just don’t want you to know. Of course, home investment is also a kind of business. That means, you also have to learn how to be wise to achieve a desirable outcome.


Although there are things your agent won’t tell you, but that doesn’t mean you are not going to be concerned about. Without understanding the process of investing, there will be misunderstandings and complications in the long run. That is why, to give you some ideas, below are the top 7 things most realtors won’t tell you about.


1. The agent’s commission is negotiable


This is one of the many reasons why most home investors tend to be hesitant when hiring a realtor – the commission rate. Well, you just can’t blame since some realtors would demand higher rates. Other people also believe that it is going to be a 50/50 between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. Although commission rates would depend on both parties, but what you don’t know that it can be negotiated.


But unless you’re dealing with homeowners who don’t want to work with a buyer’s agent, then there’s no reason for you to carry the burden alone. Moreover, it won’t cost or hurt you if you decide to engage with the services of a real estate agent.


2. Your house smells bad


Expressing what’s on your mind is not a bad thing at all. However, saying it without proper thinking might be rude to the investor. And this is one of the dilemmas most realtors experience. They just don’t want to interfere anything else, but the transaction. As a result, they chose to stay silent hoping you alone can notice that your house smells bad.


As a home seller, it is your responsibility to know whether your house smells bad or not. The owner should be the one who makes sure that his/her house is clean enough, that there will be no bad odor that would linger inside and outside the house. Of course, that if you want to sell your home successfully.


3. Your house is messy


Aside from the bad odor you need to consider, making sure that your house is neat and organized is one thing you should not forget. Of course, nobody would want to buy a messy home, right? And it is not the responsibility of a realtor to remind you to clean your home. It is your duty to make sure that everything is organized. From the arrangements of the furniture to the decorations of the house, it all matters when you want to sell your home.


Moreover, don’t ever decide to include your home in the real estate online listing when you still have so many junks in your home. It will only make the buyer turn off with the situation of your home. That is why making sure that you clean before anything is a must for you to do.


4. The agent has little control


One of the reasons why we hire real estate agents is that we want to sell a home. However, as a home investor, you also have to remember that agents can only help you achieve the basic things that you. Yes, your agents might tell you that he/she can help you sell your home in no time. But that doesn’t mean they can predict the situations when it comes to who and when your home is going to be sold.
Basically, real estate agents don’t have any hold of what’s going to happen. For as long as they do what they need to do, then they will definitely help you with that matter. But, you should not expect or set your standards too high. When selling your home, you should also be patient when it comes to it.


5. People are petty over refrigerators


Whether you realize it or not, there are people who would definitely be interested when you have a good appliance at home. Not to mention when you have a good refrigerator at home. This attracts the buyer since the fridge falls into a gray area, where it can also be a deciding factor of a homebuyer on whether or not the fridge will stay or goes with the seller.


That simply means before you decide to have an open house, make sure that you impress your potential buyer with the appliance your include in the house. Who knows? They are willing to pay the price for as long as they are happy with it.


6. Don’t ask your real estate agent about race or ethnicity


It would definitely be unethical and unprofessional when you ask your agent about their race or ethnicity. Yes, asking out from curiosity might not be a bad thing at all. However, before you ask, you should also consider their feelings if they are going to be offended or not. Moreover, never ask them about it especially when you are in the middle of the transaction. This is definitely rude on their part.


Additionally, you should not care too much about it since what matters the most is a successful real estate transaction. For as long as there would be no problem when it comes to working with each other, then there’s no problem with it at all.


7. You can’t afford this house


Generally, a real estate agent can help you buy or invest a house. But if you are not financially prepared for it, then your agent might have a hard time offering you a good deal. As a home investor, you also have to remember that agents are just there to help, guide and assist you with the transaction you made. However, they can’t help you when it comes to financial matters. It is your responsibility to provide such for any monetary needed.


Before anything else, you have to assess yourself on whether or not you can afford to invest in a real estate. If so, then you can proceed to the next step which is the transactions. And another thing, you should also make sure that you have a good budget for it for as not to face financial problems later on.


These things mentioned above are just some of the many things your real estate won’t tell you. There are some things that don’t affect you at all while some can definitely make a difference when you are just keen when it comes to it. Well, investing in a real estate would not be that hard as you think it is. For as long as you know what and what not to do, then you good for a go.

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