7 Things Only Home Sellers Can Understand

Thinking about selling? Mind you, this is not an easy task to do. Unless you are a real estate agent, selling a house is not something you do very often, making the process difficult on your part. You know how frustrating it can be when you have to make that decision real fast. This is especially true when your house is already on the market. You can only hope that you’ll close a great deal with the potential and perfect home buyer the soonest possible time.


Putting your house on the real estate market can be the most efficient way of selling your home, if you just plan ahead. Your main goal as a home seller is to make sure that your house will land on the right owner for you not to regret the decision that you have made. However, this could be an understatement. There are instances wherein what is bad for the sellers can be good for buyers. Thus, these days, home buyers are taking advantages of the buyer’s market.


Despite being the most diligent home seller that you can be, you have to expect that you may encounter different kinds of home buyers along the process. Some of them are easy to get along with while others are not that approachable as they may seem. With that, here are some of the struggles home sellers like you are face from time to time.



1.  The last-minute-showing panic dance


One of the duties of a home seller is to make sure that their clients got the chance to view what’s inside the house. However, there are just times wherein you will receive a surprise, declaring that he or she (the home buyer) is on his or her way to your place and requesting you to show the house to him, her or them. They would not even ask whether the house is still available for viewing or not.


The problem of showing them the house without any preparations is that’s it exactly – you are unprepared! They end up visiting a messy house. With that, the buyer might be disappointed on what he or she just saw. So, you better clean up the mess ahead of time before your buyer will back out from your deal and keep it clean until you find the right buyer.


2. The no-show rage


Sometimes, it hurts just by thinking about why your buyer did not bother to look inside the house even if they were already there at your place. There are even home sellers that felt discouraged after realizing that the buyer did not like the property at all. Perhaps, the landscaping itself doesn’t suit their taste. From there, why bother looking inside?


As a home seller, you always have to expect the worst case scenarios that may possibly happen. Of course, we cannot force our buyer to like the property that we have. We always wait for their final decision whether they are going to buy the property or not .


3. The challenging buyer’s agent


Most home sellers, especially those who have no knowledge about the process of selling their homes, seek help from the real estate agents. However, whether you like it or not, the relationship between home sellers and real estate agents is not always smooth flowing. There are can also be flaws in the process which your agent missed addressing.


Basically, when you put your home on the market list, there will be a lot of possibilities that will going to happen. You can’t avoid it. However, you and your agent can control it. Trusting each other when it comes to closing the deal matters the most. Of course, home sellers will not seek help if he or she don’t have any trust to his or her agent.


4. Enduring the daily grind


OK, let’s face it! Keeping your things in order at all times is not that easy to do, right? There are just times that we can’t keep up with the daily cleaning routines especially when we are too busy doing some other things. When a home buyer who wants to view your house arrives, you might end up panicking, wondering which area to clean first.


Cleaning your house daily might be hard on your end considering your hectic schedules. However, it doesn’t hurt you if you are going to put back the things to where it was originally placed whenever you use a particular thing. With that, your house will be less messy and is easier to clean whenever there is an unexpected home buyer who wishes to view your house.


5. Insecurity and insults


Yep, insecurity and insults coming from your home buyers would definitely hurt… a lot. Who wouldn’t? There are some home buyers who just can’t contain their emotions which lead them to blurt out loud their harsh opinions. Well, thanks to those people who can keep it to their selves. These kinds of treatments are unavoidable since their opinions about the property that you are selling is beyond your control.


Their words might hurt you, as a home seller, but don’t take it too personally. There are still a lot of home buyers out there who wish to purchase your property and they could be a little bit kinder than the previous one. So, fret not!


6.  Pet drama


One of the things most home buyers usually look when it comes to the quality of the house is whether the property is smelly or not. Smelly houses, particularly those smell that your pets produce, can definitely be a deteriorating factor on your goal to sell your house. There are even times that a prospect buyer will not come back because of this.


Although we can’t avoid incidents like having an accidental deposit on your carpet or rug, it is still your responsibility as a homeowner and seller to make sure that your house is going to be smell-free.


7. Kids factor


Sometimes, home sellers usually forget the ‘kids factor’ whenever they try to sell their homes. If there are kids who wish to live in your house, then it is also your responsibility as a home seller to make sure that the property is suited for everybody to live in. Aside from the safety of the kids, the provision for areas where they can play and rest is one of the factors that you need to address.


In considering this, there will be more and more home buyers, specifically families, who will be interested in purchasing your home. The main reason is they don’t have to worry about the safety of their kids.


If you are one of those home sellers, expect that there are instances  when things might not be on your favor. However, if you just have the will to pursue things, everything will fall into its own place and purpose.