6 Signs of Unprofessional Realtors You Must Avoid

When deciding to invest in a Bonifacio Global City condo, hiring a professional realtor should be the first thing in your mind. Agree? Of course, we all want the deal to be a smooth-sailing one. We, as clients, aim to have a satisfying transaction with the realtor to finish the deal the soonest possible time. That is all we wanted, right?




However, choosing the right real estate agent can also be a challenge. Most of the time, you don’t have any idea about the personality of the agent that you are about to hire. For as long as they are a real estate agent working in a known company, then we are OK with it.


Unfortunately, there are some realtors who do not observe professionalism when it comes to their work. They do certain things that they think are good yet can only disappoint clients like you. There are instances when the unprofessionalism causes delays in processing our investment. If the delay is not because of our documents, chances are, the realtor is at fault.


To avoid such disappointments, you also have to know your realtor so you’d know when to end the relationship or continue with it. Below are some traits that you must avoid when planning to hire a realtor later on.


1. When your agent is out of reach


Real estate agents know how important it is to make themselves available anytime for their clients. Making themselves available through phone calls, for example, is one way you can have a good deal. Availability will be prioritized by a certain agent especially when he or she is determined enough to close your deal.


Communication between the agent and the client is a two way process. You both communicate to have a better understanding of the transaction. That is why, it is just so frustrating and irritating when your agent is always out of reach. Understandably, your agent may not be able to attend to your phone calls due to some personal reasons. However, a diligent agent will not deliberately ignore your call or take long to reply to your messages.


If communication is already problematic in the first stage of the transaction, you better think twice. It is not worth it to pursue a realtor who cannot answer or return your calls.


2. When your agent won’t listen


The opinions of both parties are necessary throughout the entire process of choosing and buying a condo unit. For example, the client will tell his or her requirements and preferences while the agent listens. Next, the agent may give his or her opinions and the client listen and so on.


It’s a no-no for an agent to ignore the client’s suggestions about his or her ideal place. Also, it is quite insulting on the part of the clients when the realtor neglects their desires. Realtors read: don’t ever tell your client that his or her idea choices are terrible. Being the realtor doesn’t always mean you have a better idea than your clients. Remember that it is their condo, not yours.


If the agent insists on what he or she wants in the first meeting, it is a sure sign that you have the wrong agent. The more your agent won’t listen, the more there will be confusion between both parties. So, better look elsewhere.

3. When your agent is clueless


Finding an agent who is knowledgeable about real estates can also be a challenge. Sadly, some agents don’t know much about their chosen work. The problem is, you won’t know this unless you start working with them. They just present to you what the property is all about or where to find the property that you are looking for. However, when you try to ask him or her about your concerns on the property such as the moving in requirements, for instance, they can’t answer you immediately.


When your agent is clueless about the whatabouts of the condo that you are really interested in, the tendency is for you to ask more questions. Since the realtor doesn’t have all the answers just yet, this can prolong the deal. Confusions may also arise in the process when the agent cannot address your questions or he or she may give you answers that are far from the one you are trying to ask.


If you’ve already talked on the phone and you already told the agent your preferred condo and yet he or she is still clueless on your first meet up, it only means that the agent is not doing his or her work. Check the agent’s history or record before you even contact lest hire him or her.


4. When your agent is unprofessional

As a realtor, being professional towards your clients and your work is one way to gain respect and trust throughout the entire investment process. Clients will continually look forward to the things that they are expecting you to accomplish and to achieve the desired outcome of the transaction.


One of the biggest mistakes of a realtor is to act unprofessionally. Showing late at your pre-scheduled meeting or canceling it without any valid reason, for example, are some of the signs that your agent is acting unprofessionally. Being disorganized is another sign that this agent must not shortlisted in the first place.


One way or another, a problem will emerge along the way more so if the agent will continue to show undesirable behaviors towards you. So before things get worse, hire a new agent that works in a professional way.

5. When your agent gives you an awkward feeling


Realtors must be approachable at all times. However, instead of treating their clients professionally, they act arrogantly towards their clients. Such a rude thing to do to a client who only wants your help. Perhaps, rude is not the right term, but there are agents who have too strong a personality.


What will happen when you think that you need to be cautious with your agent all the time? It turns out that you have to consistently keep paying attention to your every opinion just so you won’t upset your agent when it should be the other way around. It makes the transaction complicated when both parties have a barrier between them.


When you don’t feel comfortable having that agent around or doing business with them, you can always hire another agent wherein you don’t need to be that discreet when it comes to your own deal. Think of your satisfaction as a client. Bottom-line, you have to be happy and satisfied with the level of service the agent gives.


6. When your agent badmouth other agents or companies


Competitions are everywhere; it is the modern businesses’ norm. Every real estate company and every agent of that company is trying to make a good first impress. While it means to win your business, persuading you to become one of their clients must be considered in a professional manner.


When an agent tries to badmouth another agent or company, this can only discourage the client. The height of unprofessionalism! It is your call whether to continue working with this agent and company or you will pursue other providers.


We won’t know who they are until we work with them. On the other hand, when you came across an agent with any of these bad traits, you can always tell him or her that what they did is very unbecoming for an agent like him or her. He or she must know, in the first place, that he or she should be professional towards the work. Telling them to be professional might hurt their ego, but it is better to tell them right away so as not to disappoint other future clients.