6 Reasons Why You Should Use Credit Card in Real Estate Transactions

Who would not want to have a cashless transaction?



Doing things fast and easy is how we want it to be especially when it comes to transacting a business. Of course, since we are living in this fast-paced society, we are used to doing things that would be beneficial for us. A credit card is one of the things that make our transactions easier and more convenient including investing in a condo Alabang.


If you are one of the millions of people who use credit cards in purchasing things that you want, you might also want to try using your credit card in buying a real estate. You might wonder and ask whether using a credit card is advisable when it comes to real estate transactions. Don’t fret; you are not alone. Even credit card users themselves are still not sure if it is allowed as a mode of payment or not.


If you are familiar with various transaction policies, then you might also have an idea that using your credit card in transacting real estate is a much better option than cash. Just imagine the hassle it may be going to the different government offices while carrying a large amount of money in hand. The risk is always there.


For security purposes, it would be best to use your credit card. Now, let’s focus on the benefits that you may get when using credit cards in real estate buying-related transactions.


1. It saves time


One of the reasons business transactions take a little bit longer than expected aside from being there personally is withdrawing cash. This is particularly true when you have no idea how much you have to pay and yet you are already in line at Pag-IBIG, for instance. What if there are no ATM machines nearby? The travel time will definitely eat up your time.


Whereas, if you choose to use your credit card in paying taxes and fees, it will be easier on your part. How? Through online services. Even government websites now cater to clients who wish to pay the amount due to them through credit cards. These websites also contain the steps to follow on how to use their services. Just a few clicks and you are now paid. you can even pay even when you are at home.

2. It is convenient


We just can’t deny that waiting in long lines is one of the things that we hate the most particularly when we are in a rush. Not to mention, we arrived late due to the heavy traffic. Going to the place is just so frustrating and tiring.


With a cashless transaction, you don’t need to stand and wait for hours just to have your transaction done. You don’t need to worry about late payments because you are away as well. You can even pay using your smartphone.


3. It is safe


I bet not all of you would dare to carry a bag full of money in going to the bank or real estate company just to pay your bills. The thought alone is scary, inviting unwanted eyes to pry on what we are carrying. Times are difficult, so we have to be extra careful in handling our hard-earned cash.


Doing business transactions with the use of your card is the safest option for most of us. Even if you have to go to the company and pay through your card, it is still safer that way than to hand-carry your money.

4. You can track your expenses


Aside from the safety and convenience, you may also track down your payments. Every time you use your card, you will automatically have a record of each transaction that you have made. The record will be accessible anytime you want to. You’d know how much a single transaction have incurred.


You will know if there are any discounts and deductions made to your credit account. More advantageous on your part since you will not be confused regarding your finances. Through it, you will also know the status of your credit card for you to make more responsible and informed decisions in dealing with financial matters.

5. You can manage your budget


If you are well-informed about your status like your current credit score, you will also know how to manage your budget. That is, you will still be able to pay for future transactions. You will be able to adjust your spending based on your capacity to pay, being aware of the record of your expenses.


Since you know your capacity to pay, you may avoid transactions that are beyond such capacity. This can be a very effective way to avoid problems later on.


6. You can earn rewards


This is one of the best parts when using a credit card – earning rewards from every transaction that you make. You can earn points, rebates and even have the chance to travel as one of your rewards (miles) if you use your credit card responsibly.


It is no wonder why some of the credit card users are very particular in maintaining their good status. They want to earn points and rewards that they can use whenever they want. These are the perks that are only available to prudent credit card holders.


In everything that we do, there will always be pros and cons though more so when it comes to dealing with our finances. Doing real estate transactions is not an exemption to this. Using a credit card is not a bad thing after all, but we have to be careful and responsible in using our credit cards whether we are using it for an real estate transaction or not.