5 Things Buyers Do that Realtors Hate

Hiring a real estate agent is the first thing you would think about when buying a BGC condo or any type of property for that matter. Agree? Especially when you are a first-time buyer, hiring a realtor is a must. Realtors will not only help and guide you, but they will also let you understand the entire process of purchasing the condo unit of your choice.




When you hire a realtor, you engage in a business relationship with the agent. You both work together for you to achieve your desired place to live. Realtors offer you great deals to choose from if you haven’t chosen the unit that you like yet. However, problems may occur in an unexpected situation which may lead to misunderstandings between both parties.


There just are times when a home-buyer does things that can frustrate the realtor. Sometimes we use our freedom to do things that we want even if we are not supposed to. Well, they usually say, “customers are always right,” but is this really the case?


A good relationship between you and your realtor will lead to a successful business deal. As a client, you can refer to these to five most common situations home-buyers usually do that real estate agents hate so that you can avoid them.


1.Call listing agents on your own


There are some, if not all home-buyers, who do not easily trust realtors to deal with their home investments. Perhaps, they had experienced a not-so-good situation in the past that leads them to be doubtful when hiring someone outside their clique. That’s why some buyers prefer call listing by themselves.


They list possible agents that they can work with, and when one of the agents from their list failed to meet their expectations, they will call or consult another agent that can be of use to them, leaving the previous agent behind. They shift from agent to agent by judging their previous jobs or projects, for instance.


There is an inherent risk of doing this. Eventually, no real estate agent who will be willing to cooperate with and work with you. When you really need one in negotiating, for instance, you might wish you hadn’t done that.


2.Asking realtors to show properties without being pre-approved


There are times when home-buyers are so eager to have their ideal unit they sometimes forget that they still have no pre-approval from the bank. The realtor would expect that upon showing the place or the property to you even if you are still shopping for a house, he or she is certain that you can buy that particular property.


The agent will be dismayed upon learning that you haven’t been pre-approved. Good thing if you have an agent who is willing to spend time advising you on how to obtain a pre-approved loan from the bank. But what if that agent who you hired doesn’t have that luxury of time to spend it with you with no guarantee at all that you will really purchase that particular property? Or, that you will pass pre-approval in the first place? Situations like this definitely lead to a misunderstanding.


Realtors would love to work with a client if they know that he or she has the capacity to buy that property. They are much willing to extend their time helping and guiding you all throughout the process of buying one.


3.Requesting to look at homes outside of your price point


Sadly, some home-buyers get carried away by their emotions. When they see a home that they really like, they tend to forget that their condo-buying budget is not enough. Sometimes, they let the realtor negotiate the price for them just to make the price of the house fit their budget.


What these home-buyers don’t understand is even if realtors also act as a negotiator, they cannot go much lower than the fixed price of the house. Some of the realtors can negotiate in lowering such fixed price, that is if your budget is justifiable for negotiations.


As a buyer, you also have to consider your budget. In fact, this is the most important factor to consider. Make sure that your budget is sufficient enough. Or, you can have a place that is just enough for your initial budget. Don’t go beyond such budget otherwise you might have to deal with financial problems later on.

4.Not respecting realtor’s time by calling last minute


As a home-buyer, sometimes, you get too excited to have the deal done as soon as possible, becoming too persistent in getting what you want. There are also instances of last-minute cancellations, changes or adjustments when the realtor is already expecting that it is your final decision.


Realtors expect you to be professional when it comes to decision-making. They want you to focus and finalize your decision and avoid confusion. The very last thing that a realtor needs is making last-minute calls to him or her. Don’t call them directly anytime you want to. Ask for their permission first if it is okay to talk to them at the moment or not. What if they are in a conference room or they have a consultation with another client? Be professional in making phone calls since you don’t know the availability of the realtor.


5.Not doing any research on where you want to live


As a buyer, it is just expected for you to know where you want to live before you let the realtor show you any property specifically the condominium building. You have to be certain on whereon you want to live. You have to decide beforehand whether you want to live near a beach, mountain, near or within the city.


As much as possible, try not to hop from place to another without choosing and deciding what type of property you want in the first place. It is just so tiring and hassle not just for you, but also for the realtor. When you already have a suitable location, breaking down the possible choices of dwelling that you might want to have is easy and quick.


If you are guilty of doing any of these stuffs then, you have to be considerate next time when you and your agent hit the road. They also have lives to attend to. Respecting it is a must for the both of you to have a smooth sailing relationship.


The success of purchasing a condo unit also varies on how both the buyer and the realtor cooperate with each other. If you have a clear and understandable offer on the table, the deal is most likely to be closed quickly and hassle-free.