5 Relationship Goals Realtors should Achieve with Clients

If there is one ingredient for a relationship to work, that is when both parties understand each other. If you don’t want to disappoint your partner, you both have to work things out to make the relationship last. The same thing happens between realtors and clients. When a client wants to invest in a Bonifacio global city condo, for example, there must be a good relationship to make the deal and the investment successful.




Basically, making the relationship work out is one of the things that you must achieve when it comes to dealing with clients. It is by having a healthy relationship with your client, makes everything run smoothly. Who would not want that, right? However, engaging in a relationship can also be daunting. There are times that you both don’t have a clear understanding when it comes to a particular matter. You both tend to argue about the things like coming up with a good strategy in order to end with a good result. It is quite confusing, right? It is confusing because you don’t know which plan to follow and not to follow.


If you want to have a good output for your investments, then you should possess the right attitude. It is just a matter of how you approach and handle the situations. If you have the right character, then there would be room for a relationship to work. Below are some of the relationship goals you might want to try to achieve with your clients.


1. Anticipating clients’ wants and needs


If you want to impress your clients with the service you are doing for them, then try to anticipate their wants and needs. Of course, it is not an easy task to do, especially when you have a client who is not certain with the things he/she want. However, if you anticipate their wants and/or needs, then it is easier for you to have a good understanding with each other by meeting them halfway.


Placing my self in a client’s shoe, I would definitely be amazed on how a realtor can easily grasp the ideas that I want. Knowing what interests your clients most would definitely be an advantage for you and from there, it would be easier enough for both sides to keep up with the communication. Anticipating your clients’ want and needs is not just about impressing them, it is also one way of making the deal done with no complications in the process.


2. Maintain clear and constant communication


If you are serious about making the investment deal a success, then you will need to have a clear and constant communication with your client. Why? Of course, communication is always a key in terms of creating relations with people. However, having and/or maintaining a clear and constant communication with the client can also be daunting and tedious. There are times when your schedules wouldn’t match with each other. This is where you make adjustments with your client.


As a realtor, you have to adjust, not only with time, but also with the ideas each of you are pitching, such as making substantial discussions about the things that you want to achieve. It is important for you to know and understand the concerns of your clients to have a clear and smooth process. Also, you have to respect the client’s preferences. If your client wants and/or prefer to discuss about the real estate transaction in person, for example, then as much as possible, avoid discussing the things through the phone. When you do, you might disappoint your client and you don’t want that to happen. Right?

3. Deliver appropriate services and tools


Strategically, when you have the right tools and/or services for your clients, it will help you make your work easier and convenient since you know the kind of services you are offering that would match the needs of your clients. Moreover, by mastering the services you offer, it will make you sound more professional and adept because you know what you are talking about, aside from impressing your client, thus making them close a deal with you.


Also, it would not just be for your advantage, but your client will also benefit from what you are delivering them since what they want is where they need, and that’s from you! Give your clients what suits them best and they will definitely thank you for that.

4. Motivate clients to upgrade to the next home buying stage


One of the characters a realtor must posses is by having a convincing power to make your clients upgrade to the next home-buying stage. Motivating them, by giving them the advantages if they set their eyes on a lifetime investment, will not only convince them but also keep them thinking of what future they will get theirselves into once they see the benefits. Give them what they need and never give up on them.


Sometimes, homebuyers depend on what their realtor says. That is why learning your products and services will help them focus on a certain investment because you are feeding them with the right things they needed. Hard-selling may be a good tactic but not everyone bites on it. Instead, give them scenarios of why they should get your product because it is what’s best for them.

5. Build a quality referral network


Upon making transactions, there will come a time wherein you will have to refer your clients to other realty corps that caters a specific service which you and your company might not be offering. If you are a good and concerned realtor, you would give your client the options, however, saving something for yourself will also do you good. Let your clients decide but always give your best shot. If you want to refer them to another company, do so by only giving them the best company that could help them with their concerns. If they need to have a home loan, for example, you can also refer them to the best and reliable banks so they can loan.


Building a quality referral network with your clients can make you more credible, not just within the company that you are working with but also a realtor yourself. In addition to that, more clients will rely and trust you when it comes to making referrals.