For Realtors: Why Business Cards Still Matter In the Real Estate Industry

In this era where smartphones and social media are available, most real estate transactions are already done through online – from sending emails to networking. And because of its convenience, who would still want to use business cards? Generally, you might think that business cards are so last year. Although it might sound like it, but it is the most successful networking tool of all time. Why? Because, it’s simple, yet very effective when dealing with your clients.


Unfortunately, not all realtors continue to use business cards nowadays. Perhaps, they also go along with the trend in dealing business online. However, do you know that giving of business cards to your clients is more likable than sending it through an email? Basically, business cards have been used to advertise yourself or the company that you are working with. It doesn’t matter if you are handling Makati condos for sale, or any other properties that you need to promote, business cards come in handy.

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Let’s face it. Not all of us here are convinced that business cards still matters when it comes to real estate transactions. And if you are one of those realtors who is skeptical about using it, then below are some reasons as to why business cards are still the leading business/networking tool.


Swapping contact information digitally is impersonal


Again, using of social media or email is the most convenient way to exchange contact information with your client – but there will always be a downfall. Swapping contact information digitally with your client is a way of informality. And that should not be the case when dealing with your clients.


When you choose the convenient way of giving information, you may not create a significant memory of the encounter, since you are both busy typing your contact details on your smartphones. Additionally, this may seem rude in the business meeting etiquette. When it gets down to business, there will always be a formal and genuine connection between you as the realtor and your client.


They are the most effective direct marketing tools


As a realtor, you also have the need to promote and advertise the property that you are selling. Again, business cards will come in handy on that particular matter. In fact, this is one way to promote your products directly to your clients by exchanging contact information. Moreover, they don’t need to wait to go online just to know your contact details, and it saves time trying to find your message in their inbox.


Yes, there are actually a lot of ways to promote your products. You can use the email marketing or social media marketing. But there is no better way to effectively appeal to your clients than to seal the agreement with a handshake and exchanging of business cards.


A business card is the first impression of your brand


When you are a realtor, you have to know that business cards are not just used in giving and exchanging of contact information with your clients. Moreover, you are not just also selling your products; but also the company itself. That is why, the logo, design, color and overall appearance of your business card is a crucial thing for you to consider before making one. You should know that your business card can also be a factor that can make or break the deal.


Generally, business cards are also used to make a memorable first impression to your clients. When you have a presentable business card, you will most likely attract potential clients. Why? Because your business cards are also the replica of your company. That means, the more presentable it is, your clients will also be interested in doing real estate transactions with you.


Creative business cards get shared – continuing to market for you


When we talk about unique and attractive business cards, we are not just referring to the typical business cards. When creating one, you have to think about something that doesn’t just attract potential clients, but it can also leave a good impression with the company. As a result, they will most likely be interested in asking further details on the products that you are promoting. Make it your goal that your clients will not just walk away with your business card in hand, but they will also give an assurance they will come back and be one of your clients.


Isn’t it amazing that through giving them your business cards, they are interested in doing real estate business with your company? Yes, indeed it is – but that when you have a unique business card. Again, business cards can help make or break the client’s investments with you and to the company.


Business cards show you are prepared


Creating attractive business cards is not that easy. Of course, you have to think about the overall concept of the design to make it more presentable. It is a reflection of who you are and what company you are working with. That means you should give your best effort to come up with a unique business card.


No one will like to receive contact information on a piece of paper or napkin, right? That only means you are not prepared for the things you need to do with your client. Moreover, your client will also feel neglected since you don’t come prepared.  Generally, most meetings with the clients would usually end up with exchanging of contact information. And when you hand over your business card to them, they will most likely feel valued as a client.


Business card is a road map to opportunity


Basically, what you will most likely see on a business card are the contact details for you and your company. When you give one to your client, it will be much easier for them to make a quick call whenever they need to inquire anything about the products that you promote.


One way or another, there will also be tendencies that your potential clients will also share your business card with the people who are also interested in the real estate industry.  It is definitely a chain of information that leads to opening doors to a lot of opportunities.


Final Thoughts:


If you think that business cards are already faced out, then you are wrong with that. In fact, this is one of the things that most real estate companies would rather have and give, even if they also have their social media accounts for promoting real estate properties. Of course, the first impression lasts. So, make an impression that lasts through giving them your business cards.